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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

Frequently asked questions about customership

This page contains answers to common questions about our online bank.

OmaSp Customership

  1. Identity document

    To become our customer, you will need one of the following valid
    travel documents issued by a foreign authority. 

  2. Right of residence in Finland 

To prove your right of residence in Finland, you will need a valid residence permit card issued in the EEA (incl. San Marino and Switzerland).

You need a Finnish personal identity number to open and use banking services. To get a strong electronic authentication feature for online banking you have to verify your identity on a passport or identity card issued in the EEA.

In addition, before opening bankin services for you, we need your customer information and an explanation of your tax liability and your foreign tax number (TIN). 

When handling banking services with us, you need an authorized translator. A first-class customer experience is close to our heart.

As a customer, you are obligated to update your customer data and provide the bank with the requested information. This lets us serve you reliably and securely. The bank’s intention is to ensure that the customer receives secure banking services and to prevent irregularities. More information is available from this link.

Asiakkaan tunteminen

Pankilla on oltava riittävät tiedot asiakkaidensa taloudellisesta toiminnasta, sen laajuudesta sekä perusteista pankin palveluiden käyttämiselle. Pankin velvollisuus on kysyä asiakkaidensa taloudellisesta asemasta, verovelvollisuudesta sekä poliittisesta vaikutusvallasta. Tarvittaessa asiakkaalta pyydetään lisätietoja tilille tulevien varojen alkuperästä ja käyttötarkoituksesta, sekä asiakirjoja, joiden perusteella tiedot varojen alkuperästä tai käyttötarkoituksesta voidaan vahvistaa.  

Asiakastietoja pyytämällä pankin toimihenkilö voi arvioida tuotteen tai palvelun soveltuvuutta asiakkaalle ja täyttää samalla rahanpesun sekä terrorismin rahoittamisen estämisen sääntelyn asettamat vaatimukset. Näin toimien pankki pystyy ymmärtämään asiakkaidensa tavanomaisen toiminnan perusteet sekä havaitsemaan ja selvittämään siitä poikkeavan toiminnan. Pankilla on lainsäädännön asettama velvollisuus seurata asiakkaan pankkipalveluiden käyttöä, jotta pankki pystyy havaitsemaan mahdolliset epätavanomaiset tai poikkeavat liiketoimet ja reagoimaan niihin.  

Miksi pankki kysyy

Yritysasiakkaan tunteminen

IBAN, i.e. the International Bank Account Number, consists of a country code in line with the ISO standard and an account number that can contain both numbers and letters. An IBAN account number always starts with a two-letter country code. In Finland the country code is FI. 

The BIC code is an ISO-certified code used as a unique identifier for financial institutions and companies or organisations. Oma Savings Bank’s BIC code is ITELFIHH.

The person you were trying to reach was busy or unable to get to the phone, which is why your call was transferred to our customer service.

You can also take care of your banking through our customer service. Our customer service’s direct number is +358 20 764 0600.

Your name will be updated automatically from the Digital and Population Services Agency’s Population Information System. We will supply you with a new card with your new name when we have received the updated information. Please note that it can take two to three weeks to update your name.

Service providers are responsible for the payment options they offer. Please note that you can always pay with your card if Visa is an option. Oma Savings Bank’s cards are a secure and easy way to pay for online purchases if the payment button is missing.

Oma Savings Bank’s collection department takes care of contacts concerning debt arrangements, corporate restructuring, collection or bankruptcy issues and measures such as applications for judgement, enforcement and bankruptcy matters.

We ask that you send all messages related to collection to the collection department’s email address: That way we can get the information to exactly the right expert as soon as possible, which will speed up the processing of matters related to debt collection.