Oma Säästöpankki is the largest and financially strongest savings bank in Finland

Oma Säästöpankki has a balance of 2,8 billion euros. Thanks to the realised mergers and restructuring that proved to be functional, Oma Säästöpankki has become asignificant operator in the financial field and we have been able to quickly respond to the requirements of the tightened banking regulations.

Oma Säästöpankki's strong financial position creates a solid foundation to develop business operations that serve customers. We place a great emphasis on developing our branches. Branches operate independently and they possess vast authority and ability to react quickly to the needs of customers and the economy as a whole. Oma Säästöpankki is managed in accordance with commercial principles and its relations in terms of responsibility and power are clear and transparent.

Solvency to be commended

Oma Säästöpankki has a balance of over 2,8 billion euros and an earnings balance of nearly three billion euros. It has accumulated its own funds that are worth over 240 million euros so the bank's solvency is to be commended. The bank produces annual profits of approximately 30 million euros, which enables the necessary investments also in the future and secures our solvency as our business volume continues to increase.

Number of customers on the rise

We have approximately 135,000 customers. The number of customers is on a steady increase. We employ around 270 people in altogether 40 branches. The cornerstone of our operations is to serve our customers personally and be local and close to the customer through the traditional as well as the digital channels.

We now operate in eight regions

Oma Säästöpankki was established in 2009, when Kuortaneen Säästöpankki and Töysän Säästöpankki joined forces. Parkanon Säästöpankki joined Oma Säästöpankki in 2013. The Hämeenlinna area based Kantasäästöpankki, Suodenniemen Säästöpankki and Etelä-Karjalan Säästöpankki joined in 2014. Joroisten Osuuspankki and Pyhäselän Osuuspankki merged with Oma Säästöpankki in the autumn of 2015.

The bank, using the OmaSp marketing name, currently operates in the regions of Etelä-Karjala, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Etelä-Savo, Häme, Kymenlaakso, Pirkanmaa, Pohjois-Karjala and Satakunta. More detailed locations can be found here.

Savings bank foundations govern assets of over 200 million euros

The bank, operating in the form of a joint stock company, is owned by the local savings bank foundations. The foundations receive annual dividends that are spent on non-profit activities promoting the savings bank ideology and benefiting their own industry. Foundations govern assets of over 200 million euros.

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