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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

Personal ID documents accepted at the bank

When activating banking services and during banking, you need an official and valid personal ID document. The personal ID must not be damaged and you need to be identifiable from the photo on the ID.

Personal ID document for matters related to the online services and lending 

In the case of strong electronic authentication and in matters concerning lending, you can identify yourself using the following documents: 

  • a personal ID card issued by an official of an EU or EEA member state, Switzerland or San Marino 
  • a foreigner’s identity card or an identity card for a minor issued by a Finnish police official 
  • a passport issued by an official of an EEA member state, Switzerland or San Marino 
  • a passport or diplomatic passport that is valid and approved as a travel document issued by another foreign official. 

Verification of identity in other banking matters 

When your matter does not concern strong electronic authentication or lending, your identity can also be verified by a driver’s license issued after 1 October 1990, in addition to the above. The driver’s license cannot however be a temporary or electronic driver’s license, an exchanged driver’s license (code 70 in the special conditions field) or a driver’s license issued to a foreigner. The card must be plastic; the old cardboard driver’s licenses are not accepted as reliable identification for customers. 

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