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The best way for you to pay invoices

Paying invoices is easy and secure in the online bank and in our OmaMobiili app. As our customer, you are always welcome to pay your invoices at one of our branches. In addition, it is possible to pay invoices using our e-invoice, direct payment and Oma maksukuori (payment envelope) services.

Paying invoices in the online bank and mobile bank

When you have online banking codes, you can pay invoices wherever and whenever you choose. After logging in to the online bank, you can make a new payment in the ‘Payments’ tab. When paying on OmaMobiili, you can scan the barcode at the bottom edge of the invoice using your phone’s or tablet’s camera, to avoid having to enter the invoice’s details separately. 

If your invoice has a barcode, you can add the number series using the ‘Scan barcode’ function, after which the payment information will be automatically scanned from the invoice. If you are using a tablet or phone with a camera, you can hold the camera over the paper invoice’s barcode and the device will scan the code automatically. If the invoice is electronic, for example an invoice sent to your email, the invoice will usually have a virtual barcode. You can access this payment information on the invoice by copying the virtual barcode, i.e. the long number series on the invoice, and pasting it in the ‘Virtual barcode’ field of OmaMobiili’s ‘Scan barcode’ section.  

Paying an invoice at the bank 

You are also welcome to pay invoices at the bank. Our branches’ daily services and cashier services are open every weekday, no appointment needed. You will need the invoice details and a valid personal ID when you pay at a branch. It is not possible to pay invoices and make other payments at the bank directly with cash; the payments are always made through your bank account. A fee is charged for paying invoices, based on the service price list. 

E-invoices make paying invoices easy. Instead of a paper invoice mailed to your home, an e-invoice is sent to your online bank and you can check and approve the invoice quickly. If you wish, you can make changes to the payment information. For online bank users, the e-invoice is an easy, fast, free-of-charge and environmentally friendly way to pay invoices. You can also fully automate the paying of e-invoices if you choose to. Read more about the benefits of e-invoices. 

If you do not use the online bank or mobile bank, you can begin using a direct payment service. Direct payments are an easy, effortless and free-of-charge way to make regular payments, such as charges for housing-company expenditure and electricity invoices, automatically from your account. You will not receive a notification of the payment by post; instead the payment will be debited from your account on the due date, as agreed. All payments made as a direct payment can be seen in your account statement, which also acts as a receipt for an invoice paid at the bank. 

For example, on the invoicer’s website, you can check whether they use direct payments. We can also check this for you. Begin using direct payments by signing a direct payment agreement at the bank. You will need the latest invoice from the invoicer and your personal ID. The direct payment will enter into force starting from the next invoice. Please check that the amount required to pay the invoices is in your payment account on the due date of the invoices. 

The invoicer will send notice of upcoming direct payments to your home. If you wish to change the invoice amount or due date of an invoice paid as a direct payment, please contact the invoicer well before the invoice due date. If you wish, we can make changes to the payment at our branch. You can cancel a direct payment agreement by contacting the bank.  

If you do not have online banking codes and it is not possible for you to use direct payments, you can use the Oma Maksukuori envelope for paying invoices. The envelopes are free and available at your nearest branch or you can order them from our customer service. The postage has been paid for you. Just add your payment details and signature, place the invoice in the envelope and take it to the nearest mailbox. We will pay the invoice in the envelope and debit the amount to your account.  

We will charge a service fee based on the price list for the payment service order. If you wish to receive a receipt for the invoice as a separately charged additional service, mark a capital letter ‘K’ on the invoice and we will send your receipt to your home address. To ensure that the invoice is paid on time, the order in the envelope must be available for us to process at least five banking days before the payment date. 

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