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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

Media bank

Photo and logo material for the media.

Logos for journalistic use

OmaSp’s logo is the bank’s registered trademark and the rights of the trademark owner must be accounted for when using it. The logo must not be altered or edited in any way.

A protection area has been designated for the logo, into which no other logo or other graphic element, for example, must be brought. The protection area of the corporate logo is the size of the logo’s letter O in all directions. The minimum height of the logo equipped with the slogan is 8 mm. Without the slogan, the logo can be a minimum of 4 mm high.

Whenever possible, the colour version of OmaSp’s logo should be used. The black and white logo can be used when it is not possible to use the colour logo (black and white printing). When using the negative version, ensure that the background is dark enough. When using the logo over an image, ensure that the image in the background is not too busy.

In printed products, the CMYK version is used and in digital applications the RGB version of the logo is used. 

Instructions for writing OmaSp’s name

When referring to the parent company, the unabbreviated form Oma Savings Bank Plc is always used. The abbreviated form OmaSp is used in all other instances and it can be added in brackets after the unabbreviated form. OmaSp is always written together, without spaces and with capital letters O and S.

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