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Service accessibility

The customer is the core of our business concept and strategy.

Comprehensive digital services

OmaSp’s digital service channels improve the customer experience by ensuring that the services are within customers’ reach whenever and wherever they want. The Company’s objective is to keep its service offering personal also in digital service channels. For instance by means of online meetings, the Company can meet its customers face-to-face via the internet and to provide a service that is more personal than via a mere telephone connection. Furthermore, digital service channels play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of the bank's operations, as they serve to increase the level of automation in the service production, which saves costs without jeopardising the level of customer service. The importance of digital services is reflected in OmaSp’s continuous development activities of digital services. In the past few years, OmaSp has added a multitude of vital services into its offering.

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An extensive branch network

OmaSp is continuously optimising its own branch network in order to achieve an optimal service channel for its customers and, simultaneously, to maximise efficiency in the provision of customer services and sales. The most important criteria for the location of branches comprise sufficient regional demand for good and local customer service, the positive demographical and economic conditions of the area, as well as the good reachability of customers and brand visibility. In order to ensure sound demographical and economic conditions, the bank's branches are primarily located in growth centres, where population is increasing and the level of activity among small and medium-sized enterprises is high. In smaller municipalities OmaSp’s branches primarily serve as bases for the sales personnel. OmaSp monitors the efficiency of its branches and branch personnel systematically and closely, for instance, through sales targets, profitability and customer satisfaction. Every office has its own profit and loss statement and balance sheet for which the branch manager is responsible. Each of the bank's branches must have a positive future outlook and good profitability.

Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

Customers ability to choose

OmaSp provides customers with several different alternatives, which enable flexible and accessible services for customers. In most cities, the branches are open also on weekday evenings. Personal service is provided via digital channels through, for instance, the chat and video connections and OmaMobiili applications. Customer meetings are increasingly being arranged at customers’ homes. The customers may choose for themselves, which customer advisor they want to be in contact with at any given time.

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