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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

A bank whose doors are open?

Ours are. Every weekday, no appointment needed.

Cash from a bank? We can do it. 

All of our branches offer comprehensive day-to-day services. Our cashier services are open every weekday, no appointment needed. Remember to bring a valid personal ID when visiting one of our branches. 

For us, first-class service is a matter of the heart and is obvious in everything we do. As our customer, you get to choose which channels you want to use for banking. The choice is genuinely yours. Our extensive network of branches and long opening hours let you take care of banking effortlessly also in person. We always provide personal service, no matter the channel. Take a look at our branches and their opening hours. 

Withdraw cash from ATMs and K-food stores with your bank card  

Use OmaSp’s bank card to effortlessly withdraw cash also from ATMs and make deposits in your account using deposit ATMs. In addition to ATMs, you can withdraw cash with your card from K-food stores’ tills and R-kioski shops. Cash withdrawals in connection with purchases are free of charge. 

Exchanging currency 

When you need cash for a trip, you can order travel currency without waiting in line and without an exchange fee at FOREX Bank’s online currency service. You can choose from among eighty different currencies and pick them up from either your local post office, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or a FOREX Bank store. You can log in to the service using your OmaSp online banking codes. The service allows you to choose the currency and amount you need and the pick-up date and location. Pay for the currency securely using your online banking codes.

Currency service

Banking with an appointment 

Our branches’ doors are open every weekday, no appointment needed. However, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance when your matter might take a little more time. When you make an appointment in advance, you avoid the possibility of having to wait in line for our cashier services. 

Personal service is for everyone 

At OmaSp, all of our customers can have their own banking expert. Banking is made easy when you are welcomed by a familiar expert, someone who knows you and your business. You can reach them directly by phone, securely in our digital channels or in person at our branch. The choice is genuinely yours.

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