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Oma Säästöpankin haalarimerkit

We promote collective well-being

We support our customers in managing and developing their personal finances. We also support the well-being of local communities and ascertain good governance and ethical business throughout the value chain.

Our goals by 2026

työllistyminen ikoni

Our goal is to support people in managing and developing their personal finances:

  • Every year, we organise several webinars and training events related to personal financial management 
  • We continue regular collaboration to develop the financial literacy of children and adolescents 
  • We monitor our customers’ satisfaction with financial planning together with their contact person 
  • We ensure that our experts are interested in supporting the customer financially also in difficult situations
yhteinen hyvinvointi

Our goal is to support the well-being of local communities:

  • We create opportunities for companies and families by offering well-functioning services and information sharing also to entrepreneurs 
  • We continue collaborating with foundations and co-operatives to support regional well-being
ympäristöystävälliset valinnat ikoni

Our goal is to ensure good governance and ethical business throughout the supply chain:

  • We comply with general requirements and regulations 
  • We commit to implementing the sustainability programme 
  • We choose our co-operation partners with sustainability aspects in mind
  • We avoid breaches of the Code of Conduct in all our operations 
  • We establish procurement criteria and a process for ESG verification to ascertain the sustainability performance of our partners
Oma Säästöpankin konttori

More information of our goals

Supporting people in managing and developing their personal finances is an important part of our operations. We facilitate personal financial management for people of all ages through various partnerships, webinars, training events and learning environments. The events were open for all and free of charge. We also continued close collaboration with educational institutions to promote the financial literacy of children and adolescents.

OmaOnni is a web-based learning environment for developing young people’s financial literacy. Numerous foundations that own Oma Savings Bank and providers of upper secondary education are involved. 

pääOma is an e-learning environment for personal finance management in Sedu’s Moodle. Its target group includes students that are entering working life and starting to take more responsibility for their own finances. Content for the learning environment is produced by Sedu’s students and teachers of shared qualification modules (YTO). 

Yrityskylä is a learning environment on working life, the economy and society that is aimed at sixth- and ninth-graders. It operates nationwide and is based on the Finnish school curriculum. 

We are committed to working for the well-being of Finnish society. We actively promote and develop the vitality of local and regional communities by offering jobs outside urban areas and by financing local private and SME customers. 

We annually organise or are involved in local events aimed at enhancing local community spirit and well-being. In addition, our owner foundations and co-operatives distribute grants and subsidies for non-profit purposes every year. These purposes include, for example, economic education, research, children’s sports, youth work, culture and nature conservation.

It is important to us to promote the vitality of local communities in Finland and the success of entrepreneurs living outside urban centres, which is why we are the first bank in Finland to support, together with the European Investment Fund (EIF), micro-entrepreneurs and social enterprises. The objective is to help special groups establish and develop companies and business operations. These groups may include, for example, the unemployed or persons at risk of becoming unemployed or other individuals that struggle to find employment.

We are committed to promoting sustainable economic growth and productive employment. In addition to actively promoting local and regional vitality, we contribute to society through indirect economic impacts by, for example, paying taxes. These proceeds are used to safeguard the basic functions of society and build well-being. Furthermore, the salaries and social benefits paid to personnel have a positive effect on employees and on the surrounding communities. Our business is quided by our Code of Conduct.