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Oma Säästöpankin konttori

Build a career path in OmaSp

Our rapid growth provides our personnel with responsible and varied tasks and unique career paths.

On a personal journey

Our personnel have diverse background and education. Diverse backgrounds, along with the strengths derived from them, lead us to the best results. What unites us all is our optimistic mindset, the courage to take action, and a genuine desire to learn and grow.

At our workplace, job roles are broad and diverse compared to other employers in the industry. Our employees’ expertise is a key competitive advantage, and we offer diverse career development opportunities. Our organizational structure enables continuous learning through additional training, job rotation, or by updating job content. Our employees can deepen ther expertise and grow into a versatile top expert in the financial industry. With us, you can progress from a service advisor to a branch manager, or from an assistant to an HR professional. At OmaSp, everyone creates their own unique career path.

You have the power to influence

At OmaSp, we each have the freedom and responsibility to develop and influence in our growing bank. For instance, as a financial specialist, you have the opportunity to manage the custromer's entire customer portfolio. You make decisions that directly impact your client and truly see the results of your work in their success.

In administrative roles you get to see the big picture of the entire bank's operations with which we strive to ensure the best customer experience. The work is independent, but you have the support of a wide team of experts to help you succeed in your role. 

In all positions, you have the opportunity to shape your own and your team's ways of working.