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Debt investors

This page contains investment information on Oma Savings Bank Plc’s debt programmes, issues and credit rating.

Oma Säästöpankin konttori

The issue of loans takes place under Oma Savings Bank’s EUR 3 billion bond programme

OmaSp has been active on the bond market since 2013. OmaSp launched mortgage banking activities, i.e. the issue of covered bonds, in 2017. The first permit was given to OmaSp by the Finnish Supervisory Authority on 14 September 2017 and a permit pursuant to the new legislation on 30 June 2022. With their help, the bank has been able to diversify its refinancing base and extend the maturity of its financing portfolio.

S&P Global Ratings confirmed a credit rating of BBB+ for Oma Savings Bank Plc’s long-term borrowing in June 2023, as well as a rating of A-2 for short-term borrowing. A credit rating of AAA was confirmed for OmaSp’s covered bond programme and for the covered bond issued under it.

In addition to public issues, OmaSp can consider targeted issues if they accord with the company’s financing plan.