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Oma Säästöpankin kortti

A Visa Credit/Debit card is the best bank card for every day

Taking care of day-to-day errands is easy and flexible with a Visa Credit/Debit card.

Why is a combination card a good choice? 

The card has two features: it is a normal payment card and a credit card with a prescribed credit limit. The card is useful for sudden purchases and managing finances systematically. When using the card, you decide whether you wish to pay your purchases directly from your account or from the credit.

The combination card offers you security for your purchases and payments. The card goes everywhere with you so you don’t need to rely on other instalment loans. When you pay using credit, you will receive an average of at least 30 interest-free days. The card is a useful reserve fund when you need a little extra money. You can easily transfer funds from the credit side to your account in your online bank. You can flexibly pay back the credit on your terms, with a minimum instalment of five per cent of the total amount. Private customers’ credit cards automatically include free-of-charge purchase security insurance as an additional feature, which secures your purchases exceeding EUR 50. 

Paying with the Visa Credit/Debit card and withdrawing cash is possible around the world in thousands of shops equipped with Visa identifiers and at ATMs. Use the card to make secure payments online and the convenient contactless payment feature lets you take care of small purchases quickly and securely without a PIN code. It is possible to link a parallel card to the card.  

How do I order a Visa Credit/Debit combination card? 

You can receive a combination card when you have turned 18, are creditworthy and have a regular income. If you are a Finnish university student, you can receive a student credit card. Ordering a new card is easy to do, at our branch or in the online bank, whenever it suits you. You can apply for a new card in your online bank. You can apply for the credit limit you need for your card and if it turns out to be too low, you can ask for it to be raised later on. 

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