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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

Sustainability management

The operational management of sustainability matters is part of our daily business.

Sustainability governance model at OmaSp

Our sustainability activities and their management are guided by the sustainability programme for 2023–2025, which was updated in 2023.

The sustainability governance model lays down the structures and obligations in managing our sustainability efforts. Sustainability matters are addressed regularly throughout the organisation. 

The sustainability roadmap will be communicated and put into practice through multiple channels reaching out to existing and potential customers, employees and the various stakeholders.


Personnel are responsible for sustainability efforts in practice and help in identifying risks.

Sustainability working group

The sustainability working group coordinates and develops sustainability efforts.

CEO and Management Team

The Chief Communications Officer prepares and guides sustainability reporting.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors monitors sustainability management and performance, and risk management.

Management systems and guiding principles and policies

  • People-oriented customer service 
  • Personnel’s well-being 
  • Developing personnel’s competence

Definitions and boundaries

  • We monitor customer satisfaction based on a survey 
  • We monitor personnel’s job satisfaction, sick leave and accidents 
  • We monitor personnel’s training hours and degrees

Key guiding principles and policies

  • Sustainability programme and related goals 
  • Principles of good business conduct 
  • Processing of customer complaints and feedback 
  • Personnel policy 
  • Work community development plan 
  • Equality and equal opportunity plan 
  • Occupational health and safety programme 
  • Occupational healthcare action plan 
  • Remuneration principles and remuneration policy 
  • Reporting of breaches 
  • Early support model

  • Supporting people in managing and developing their personal finances 
  • Supporting the well-being of local communities 
  • Good governance and ethical business 
  • Sustainability of partners


Definitions and boundaries

  • We monitor in the customer satisfaction survey whether customers have been presented with opportunities for prospering and whether their future plans have been discussed 
  • We monitor the local events organised by our branches 
  • We monitor the implementation of the Code of Conduct and cases of misconduct 
  • We monitor our partners’ sustainability performance


Key guiding principles and policies

  • Sustainability programme and related goals 
  • Principles of reliable governance and internal control 
  • Principles of good business conduct 
  • Conflict management principles 
  • Reporting of breaches 
  • Insider register 
  • Trading guidelines for personnel 
  • Compliance function’s operating principles and annual plan 
  • Risk management function’s operating principles and annual plan 
  • Principles of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing

  • Sustainable financial and investment solutions 
  • Climate-related risks of investment activities and portfolios 
  • Emissions from and carbon neutrality of own operations

Definitions and boundaries

  • We monitor customers’ sustainability preferences in investment products
  • We monitor that the bank’s own investment decisions are in line with the bank’s other sustainable development goals 
  • We monitor the carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations and measures to reduce emissions 

Key guiding principles and policies

  • Sustainability programme and related goals 
  • Survey of opportunities and risks related to climate change 
  • Principles for responsible investment 
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals