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OmaSp:n sydänpinssi

Effective corporate governance and transparent organizational model

We comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code approved by the Securities Market Association and valid at any given time. In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, we annually publish a report on OmaSp's Corporate Governance Statement (CG report). The Corporate Governance Code is available in its entirety on the Securities Markets Association’s website at In its decision-making and governance, the Company complies with the with existing legislation, OmaSp’s Articles of Association, the charters of OmaSp’s Board of Directors and its committees and the rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Efficient management of insider issues of a publicly listed Company requires that insider administration is arranged in a consistent and reliable manner. The obligations concerning the arrangement of insider administration are binding to publicly listed companies. OmaSp complies with the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (Helsinki Stock Exchange). In addition, the Company has internal Insider Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors based on the guidelines of Helsinki Stock Exchange. Compliance with the insider guideline, monitoring the notification obligation, and maintaining the insider registers are the responsibility of OmaSp's Chief Legal Officer.