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Over the past decade, OmaSp has grown from a small local bank to a company on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange, whose unique combination of growth and profitability outperforms both Nordic and European banks in analyst comparisons.

OmaSp:n asiantuntija Samuel Kivistö

Oma Savings Bank Plc’s Annual Report 2023

Oma Savings Bank Plc's Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023 published

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Profitable bank with strong growth track

OmaSp is a growing satisfied customers’ nationwide retail bank in Finland. We are the largest Finnish savings bank and we operate independently from other banking groups. Excellent customer experience is in the core of OmaSp’s strategy and our target is to have industry leading customer experience and recommendation rate. OmaSp operates local and close to its customers and offers both full-service and high service accessibility private and business customers through extensive digital service channels and branches.

In recent years OmaSp's strategy has driven strong growth which has been the highest within the peer group. Also the efficiency and profitability have been among the best. OmaSp’s funding base and liquidity are also strong. Our target is to continue strong profitable growth in the future by focusing on excellent customer experience and high operational efficiency.

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