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Current account

OmaSp’s current account is perfectly suited for managing your daily finances.

Current account for daily finances 

Day-to-day shopping, financial management and paying invoices are easy to take care of through the current account. Have your regular income, such as your salary or pension, directed into your account and choose how you pay your invoices. You can link to your current account all of the modern banking services and manage your finances conveniently online and in our app. You can link a bank card, online bank services, OmaMobiili, e-invoices and direct payments to the account. The current account is suitable as a joint account for the entire family or as a child’s bank account.   

How to open a new current account 

When you wish to open a new account, contact your bank. You can send us a message in OmaMobiili or the online bank, visit our branch or discuss things in our chat or phone service where you provide your banking codes as authentication. Opening an account is quick. 

OmaSp is a bank with satisfied customers. If you are not yet our customer, we would be happy to help you access our services. If you wish to access our services, you can leave us a message, make an appointment for an online meeting or at our branch. We are also happy to help you when you wish to switch banks. 

Child’s bank account 

When a baby is born, the family can immediately open a bank account for their child after they have been given a name and been entered in the population register system. Even a small child might need their own bank account for saving cash gifts, for example. Later on, having their own account and a linked bank card offers the child an important tool for learning how to manage their finances. Opening banking services for a child and saving for a child provides them with a good foundation for their future financial skills. 

  1. When it is time to open a bank account for a child, the parents need to make an appointment with one of our expert. You can make an appointment at the bank’s branch or book a web conference.  
  2. Both of the child’s guardians must be present at the meeting or the other guardian must have a power of attorney. The guardians’ identity must be possible to authenticate using a valid personal ID. 
  3. The parents can already, prior to the meeting, familiarise themselves with the power of attorney for managing a child’s banking and fill it in if they wish. The guardians use the power of attorney to define what agreements the other guardian can make and what terms of use will be set for the child’s bank account.  
  4. If the minor simultaneously receives instruments for using the account such as a bank card or online bank, they must also have a valid ID or passport with them. 
  5. You will receive an account number for the new account immediately when both parents or a parent with a power of attorney have signed the account agreement. The card and PIN number will be sent to the child’s home address by post.  

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