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Sustainable financial and investment solutions

We know that the financial sector plays a major role in promoting sustainable development in society. It is one of the guiding aspects in our financing decisions.

Towards a climate-resilient economy

We want to help our customers transition towards a climate-resilient economy.  For us, it means considering and integrating sustainability aspects in all our investment and financing decisions and allocating funds to where they have the biggest impact on the well-being of the environment, climate and people. 

Through our financing decisions we can thus promote the development of environmentally sustainable products and services through these companies. We collaborate with, for example, Finnvera and the European Investment Fund on financial solutions aimed at the green transition. In addition, we have a refinancing partnership with the Nordic Investment Bank, in which the projects to be financed must meet the NIB’s environmental mandate.

The investment advisory services take into account customer’s sustainability preferences

In the suitability assessment of the investment advisory services, we take into account the existing or potential customer’s sustainability preferences in choosing the recommended financial instruments. This means surveying and taking into account the EU Taxonomy, the EU disclosure regulation and principal adverse impacts. 

Before making a product recommendation based on the investment advisory service’s suitability assessment, we review the sustainability risks and their likely impact on the return on the financial instruments together with the customer. The suitability assessment means a procedure of collecting information about the customer and assessing the suitability of a specific investment service or financial instrument for the customer. No financial instruments are recommended to customers that are against their sustainability preferences. 

Our goal is to create a green framework roadmap for fundraising. We also want to highlight sustainability aspects in all new product descriptions and devise process and system changes for green bonds and instruments.

Sustainable financial and investment solutions

ympäristöystävälliset valinnat ikoni
  • We primarily focus on granting secured loans to solvent customers.
  • We work to combat the increase in short term loans and we teach people of all ages personal financial management.
  • We evaluate whether a project to be funded meets the environmental requirements.
  • We consider environmental, social and good governance issues (ESG factors) in our investment operations.