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Oma Säästöpankin asiakas

Mobile payments are secure and effortless

You only need your smart device like your smart phone or watch to make payments, and as it usually goes everywhere with you, it doesn’t matter if you have left your wallet at home.

Mobile payments

You can add all your payment cards to your phone’s Wallet and select which card to pay with. Paying with a smart device is just as quick as with your card’s contactless payment feature, but there is no automatic upper limit with mobile payments as there is with contactless payments. However, mobile payments are affected by the purchase limits you have set for your card. 

When you use mobile payments, you do not need to enter the PIN code in the card terminal, which guarantees that your PIN code does not end up in the wrong hands. Use of the card does, however, require identification through biometrics, such as facial or fingerprint recognition on the smart device. You can also carry out the identification using a code you created on your smart device. 

What do I do if my smart device disappears

If your phone or smart device disappears or is stolen, and you use MobilePay, ApplePay or GooglePay, you must close all of the payment cards linked to your device. You can reach the card blocking service in Finland at the number 020 333, and when abroad, the number is +358 20 333. The card blocking service is available around the clock. 

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