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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

A deposit guarantee secures the funds saved in your account

The deposit guarantee acts as security for banks’ customers – including you.

Deposit guarantee

The deposit guarantee secures depositors’ receivables in case of the insolvency of the deposit bank. All private customers and most companies, foundations and public sector entities are covered. Private traders do not have an independent deposit guarantee for their business-related deposits. The deposit guarantee secures your deposit and the accumulated interest to a maximum of EUR 100,000 and it applies separately to each family member’s deposits. In joint bank accounts the account is divided equally between the account owners. If, for example, two depositors only have a joint account in an insolvent bank, each of the depositors will be compensated up to EUR 100,000, meaning that the funds in the account are covered up to EUR 200,000. The deposit guarantee is bank-specific. 

Nevertheless, the maximum amount does not restrict the compensation of funds received from the sale of a residence from the Deposit Guarantee Fund. The deposit guarantee covers funds obtained from the sale of a residence in full for a period of six months if the funds are to be used to acquire a new residence for the depositor’s own use. OmaSp is a member of Finland’s Deposit Guarantee Fund, which means that the deposits of the bank’s customers are covered by the deposit guarantee. Read more about the deposit guarantee at the address


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