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Oma Säästöpankin asiantuntija

We are local and close to personnel

We want to be local and close to people. Personnel’s overall well-being is important to us.

Personnel’s well-being

We employ roughly 500 motivated and enterprising experts in various parts of Finland. A significant proportion of our personnel are the bank’s shareholders, which contributes to their commitment and work motivation. It is important to us to promote and maintain the diversity of our work community by recruiting experts of all ages. The gender and age distribution of our employees is on a more equal footing than average.

Our personnel is our most important resource in implementing our strategy of ensuring first-rate service and customer satisfaction. That is why we want to take care of our employees’ satisfaction and physical and mental well-being. Thriving personnel and, as a result, satisfied customers lay the foundation for our bank’s progress and success also going forward. 

We monitor our employees’ well-being, job satisfaction and satisfaction with the employer through annual personnel satisfaction surveys. We also monitor absences and the number of occupational accidents. We continuously work to prevent bullying at the workplace. Our annual goal is to achieve the highest rating in job satisfaction in the sector. 

For our personnel, expertise and diverse competence go hand in hand. Our employees are highly enterprising and skilled people who are committed to the people-oriented service at the heart of the bank’s strategy. 

Every employee has a clear role in the bank’s organisation as well as adequate responsibilities and tasks. A learning work community where employees can develop themselves in the manner of their choosing is important to us. The competence of our personnel is also a key competitive factor, therefore, we continuously work to improve it. We have a tailored OmaSp Master training programme, which is implemented in collaboration with the University of Tampere. The programme is intended for the bank’s experts and supervisors. 

In addition, we organise training weeks targeted at the entire personnel with the aim to develop our personnel’s professional skills. In addition to ongoing and regular training, we offer supervisors and experts the opportunity to complete the licensed real estate agent (LKV) qualification, for example. We annually monitor the personnel’s training hours. The training programme ‘On the road to a winning culture’ launched in 2021 for the entire personnel continued also in 2022. It has helped clarify the company culture and internal operating models, and develop supervisory work further. The development of the job applicant experience has been continued by making better use of the recruitment system in place. The orientation process as a whole has also been improved.

Our goal is to maintain personnel’s well-being and competence: 

  • We maintain benefits that increase wellbeing at work (company bicycle, culture and sports benefit) 
  • We ensure every year that the work spaces are practical and that the working conditions and ergonomics are in order 
  • Annual absences due to illness remain on the level of the previous years
  • We monitor the number of recruitments and make sure that new employees receive orientation 
  • Employees evaluate their satisfaction with their supervisor in an annual survey
  • Overall satisfaction with the employer is evaluated in an annual survey 
  • We monitor personnel’s training days and the euro amounts spent on training annually 
  • We encourage our personnel to participate in training and monitor the number of completed degrees 
  • We develop our personnel’s sustainability competence and organise related training