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Oma Säästöpankin asiakas

Frequently asked questions about online bank

This page contains answers to common questions about our online bank.

Online bank

You can open your personal online bank via the opening service link, which you can find when you attempt to log in to the online bank and it has been locked due to a wrong password. To unlock your online bank, you can also visit your nearest branch or provide strong identification in our customer service, either at the number +358 20 764 0600 or in our website’s chat service, using another Finnish bank’s personal banking codes or a mobile ID. When you visit our branch, please remember to bring a personal ID, which can be either a passport or a personal ID card.

The barcode scanner has been changed due to accessibility requirements. New instructions for using the barcode scanner:

  • Click on the "lue viivakoodi” button
  • In the window that opens, click on the "viivakoodi" field
  • Scan the barcode with the scanner

Activate a new key code card before your current key code card runs out. You can also activate a new key code card when you are logged in to the online bank with the OmaVahvistus app. You will receive a new key code card by post well before the old one runs out and your online bank will remind you to switch to the new one. 

Follow these instructions:

Activate a new key code card in your online bank from the "Asetukset" gear icon next to your name and select ”Vaihda avaintunnuskortti”. If the card is not activated in time and your online banking codes are locked, please contact the bank. We are happy to help you. 

Account statements can be found in the online bank’s top menu under Tilit ja kortit -> Verkkotiliote.

The online account statement is a digital version of the paper account statement. Each month’s online account statement appears automatically in your online bank on the day immediately following the account statement period’s cutoff point. The printed online account statement is an official document just like the paper account statement, and is approved by the Tax Administration and Kela, for example.

The online account statements are automatically archived in your online bank and you can easily find all of the online account statements you have received this year and in the previous year all in one place. If you need older account statements, they are available in the online bank for an additional fee.

Due to regulations, the key code card is no longer enough for logging in to the online bank or making payments. In addition to the key code card, additional authentication is required by text message. You can start using the additional authentication service in your online bank’s browser version by selecting “Ota lisävahvistaminen käyttöön” under your name. The service is also required in connection with the reregistration of the OmaVahvistus app.

Check whether you have copied an old transaction from before 28 October 2018 as a template for the new payment. This would mean that the wrong, old account number has been copied as the debit account and it is not possible to make payments with an old account number. By clicking on the debit account, you can choose the new debit account’s number for the payment template.

If you also have personal online bank credentials of another Finnish bank or a mobile certificate provided by the telephone operator for identification purposes, you can reset OmaSp's online bank password by contacting our customer service by phone at +358 20 764 0600 or in the chat on our website.

If you cannot identify yourself with another bank's credentials or mobile certificate, you must go to the nearest OmaSp branch to reset your password. At the branch, remember to bring a valid identity document, i.e. passport or identity card.